Word Addiction breaks all the rules

It's a different kind of word game!

  • No more annoying racks of letters - you have access to all letters on each turn!
  • No more double or triple squares that can be used only once. 
  • No more playing the first word in the center of the board.

Getting started for FREE!

  • Word Addiction comes with 10 beginning games. Play these as long as you want! As you get more addicted, new board layouts are available for purchase through the app or by earning stars for exceptional play.


  • 25 bonus points are given for using all 62 letters
  • 100 bonus points are given for making a six-letter word
  • 100 bonus points are given for making 5 words during your turn
  • Players may play some or all of the letters indicated on the die, or "pass" on their turn. There is no penalty for doing so
  • Red and blue letters can be used more than once
  • Playing the V and C early in the game makes it easier to use all 62 letters
  • Use a bridge to start a six-letter word when rolling a "6" on the die
  • Add an ending to a word that's already on the board to maximize points
  • Stars are earned at the end of each game
    • Stars can be used to buy a blank or to access new board layouts
  • Strategically end a word with a block in order to prevent your opponent from adding an alternative ending or an "S" to make the word longer

How to play

All players have access to all the letters on each turn. Scores are determined by the color of the letter tiles. Build words crossword style in any direction. Earn an extra 100 points for building a six-letter word or adding letters to an existing word to make it at least six letters. Earn 25 bonus points if all 62 letters are used in a given game.

To begin, one player rolls the die to determine the maximum number of letters that can be used on that turn. Build your first word anywhere on the board! Build as many words as you'd like using that number of letters. After submitting that word, the next player rolls the die to determine his/her maximum number of letters to be used on that turn. 

Letter values

62 colorful letters and two blank spaces are displayed around the board for each player to choose from on each turn. 

Bridge and blocks

Bridge and blocks are in a different location on each game board layout. You get 10 board layouts that include varying placements of bridges and blocks for free when downloading the app, but you can purchase or earn more as you become more addicted to the game!

Bridges can be used to make two different adjacent words on the board. In the example below, JOT and QUOTED are not linked together by sharing a letter like a typical crossword, but rather, only connected by the bridge.

Blocks are obstacles that stop play in a certain direction. In the example below, the word DRIVE was built up to a block on the left hand side, so another word cannot be formed on the right hand side of the block. 


Players earn stars when earning 500 or more points in a game.

Stars can be used to buy more board layouts or to buy blank tiles .