For the Love of Words! Century Game Company Launches Word Addiction

New mobile app goes above and beyond traditional word games with variety of boards and more options for where and how on the board players build words 

St. Louis, Mo. (May 31, 2016) – Century Game Company (CGC), an independent mobile game developer, today announced the launch of Word Addiction, a word building game that features a variety of board layouts and more options for where and how on the board players build words. The game is ideal for all levels of players. Non-traditional rules allow players to use creativity and strategy for a unique and addictive game experience every time. The free game is available today in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, GooglePlay for Android devices and the Amazon Appstore for Kindle devices. 

“Word Addiction combines everything we loved about other word games with additional features that make it more interesting and offer levels of play from beginner to aficionado,” said Margie Haag, game creator and CGC President. “Beta testers said playing was like reading a book that you can’t put down.  They couldn’t wait to see how the next game would unfold.”
Word Addiction has a variety of boards in different levels of difficulty. Players can form as many words as they want on each turn by dragging from among 62 letters along the game’s border. Words can be built in any direction as long as they are built crossword style.

Bridges and blocks add variety to the game. Randomly placed bridges open new areas on the board for building words. Randomly placed blocks stop players from building words in that direction. 

Players earn one star when they earn 500 or more points in a game. Stars can be used to purchase more games or to buy a blank tile. Players can play alone or against another player.
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